Current projects

Subproject Z Coordination: Maintaining the research infrastructure

Subproject 1 Mycorrhiza: Microbial root symbionts as drivers of eco-evolutionary dynamics and long-term biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships in plant communities

Subproject 2 Protists: Protist plant pathogens as drivers of eco-evolutionary dynamics and BEF relationships in plant communities

Subproject 3 Microbiome & stress: Plant microbiomes and biotic stress

Subproject 4 Temporal dynamics: Plant diversity, plant history, and soil history effects on the temporal dynamics of plant and soil activity

Subproject 5 Trophic interactions: Plant-consumer interactions as cause and consequence of long-term BEF relationships

Subproject 6 Soil food webs: Multi-trophic energy fluxes in soil food webs along plant diversity-productivity gradients

Subproject 7 Volatiles: Plant volatile organic compounds in the context of BEF relationships

Subproject 8 Defense traits: Chemical and morphological traits as mediators of biotic interactions along plant diversity gradients

Subproject 9 Dissolved molecules: Dissolved molecular signals as mediators of biodiversity effects

Subproject 10 Trait evolution: Plant trait variation and evolution in the biodiversity-ecosystem functioning context

Subproject 11 Genetic diversity: The effects of interspecific biodiversity on intraspecific genetic diversity: a community genomics approach

Associated Projects